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Howdy there Andre!
Just wondering if you could recommend a book for me (or another source of education). I am looking for a book specifically to teach me details of control room design. I have bought and read Rod Gervais Build it Like the Pros, have begun visiting the John Sayers site (a wealth of info) and I have gone back to my MHofA book and read a few hundred pages, still reading. But I have yet to find deep details of control room design (at least in those books), just basics and overviews of important things. I WANT TO LEARN!!! And I want to build the best studio I can with the space I have.

A few more questions. From the research I have done lately, I have started to think that my quest for a lively RFZ (where reflections are controled via splayed surfaces instead of absorbtion) is fruitless due to the small size of my room and the need of the initial time delay gap.

A possible solultion would be to forgoe this plan, go ahead and splay the walls however I want to in order to create a line of sight (btwn CR and Studio), maximize the room volume cuft, keeping it as far above 1500 cuft as I can, and rely on strategically placed absorbtion for the RFZ. In an attempt to honor good room proportions, I would measure 1st for a rectangle, then splay by pivoting the wall (or ceiling) on it's center point to maintain volume cuft. This way I would end up with relative room proportions, line of sight, maximum volume cuft, and an RFZ. (I will also, of course, design to maintain symmetry.)
My questions are:
1) Are there any angles I should avoid when I am splaying the walls/ceiling? Since the RFZ is mostly dependent on absorbtion and not these angles, the only thing I know of that I should consider when deciding what angles to splay at is the line of sight. Is there an angle that will cause problems? For my situation are there any angles that would "help"?

2) Will my absorbtive material on the splayed side- walls be subject to "grazing" of high frequencies due to the angle of incidence? How do I keep that from happening? (Should I make a sort of stair-step with strips of 703, so the incidence occurs on the front side of the strip?)

3) Would you like to donate $20k to my studio build??????

P.S. I PM'ed this to you 1st, then decided I would post it so everyone would benefit.