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Old 3rd March 2003
Capitol Studios Paris
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The top three or four studios in Paris (my market) are doing just fine. It's all the others who are doing so-so or worse.

We've just finished our best month ever...I guess we're sort of a sound main J studio doing the business...and two PT project/OD rooms (one with an analog desk, the other with a DM2000) rented out to producers for the next year.

The J room is doing three things: Music mixing, live tracking (mostly drums, gits, piano and string sections), and 5.1 tracking+mixing for picture. I see the 5.1 for picture as an important part of our future.

You never know what's ahead, though.

SM...what IYHO would be the best strategy for a Sound Hotel right now....continually invest to stay at the top of the business, or retrench to ride out the lean times?