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Old 21st June 2005
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Richard is a good guy, but sometimes he can be quite the hypocrite... I talked to him a few days ago at his house and he was trying to tell me that he hates bands that are labled "scream-o" or that scream, and that he would never sign a band that does so... But then again he had Senses Fail on the label and they currently have "Finch" on the label... So i got confused. When i asked him about it, he just bluntly said "oh they are different"..... And he also said he would never sign a band with rhyming lyrics.......????? Is it possible to have a song with absolutly no lyrics that rhyme?? Well maybe he's not talking about all the lyrics, but still that seemed strange. And then again he has "Hello Good Bye" on the label...

He also told me he loves "catchy" choruses. He said he'll take much intrest in a band that has nothing else besides a "catchy chorus.".........??? I though this was strange too.

<u>To get signed:</u>
1)Don't write lyrics that rhyme.
2)Don't scream
3)Just write a catchy chorus, don't worry about anything else. Have everything else sound like S#!%!!!!!!

Good Luck!!!!!