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Originally Posted by Gregg Sartiano
I'm not comparing Elvis to bands today, but Elvis didn't write ANY of his songs (or if he did, it was VERY,VERY few).

You and I know damn well that ONE SONG can make ANY artist's career, and I'm talking about any era. Look at that "Get The Knack" record -- I really love it, but as far as the general public (and record sales, and career visibility) is concerned, "My Sharona" IS that album.
Funny, "Good Girls Don't" was my favorite track on that album. As for the Ozzy comment, imo anything more than 10 songs is just too much. In fact, I'm playing with the idea of releasing "mini-albums"/EP's of 5 songs, but 5 songs that form into a cohesive whole. So a 5-track Sgt. Pepper's for this era's shorter attention spans and just long enough for a one way commute.