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We all have different tastes, but for me I use Stereo Room on the 2016. It is a dense, dark verb, and I like to add an 1/8th or so predelay. I also sometimes use the preset Room (not Stereo, just room) for that 80's big tom sound. The 480 has nice halls and chambers. I also love Silica Beads, and a few others, but I look at it as my utilitarian Expensive unit. I use it when I want a classic or conventional sound. I am never amazed by it (480) but I am always happy I used it. The 480 is similar to some of the better ITB verbs. The 2016 pluggin is excellent, as is the new unit. It's kinda hard to get excited about verbs, because lately I am going thru a phase where I don't like using them. I prefer to use a trillion delays.

SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE SLUT!!! I love the choice of being able to use the 2290 or the 42 or the 480L doppler since I have used all of them at the same time on the same track talk about washy...woo hoo thats an 80's power salad (ballad) waiting to happen!! lol great forum !!