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It also seems someone could invent a spectral analyzer or RTA for the beginning engineer that would help with ear training and how sound works.
that would be amazing...

i think that ear training and perception in general is so totally intertwined with feedback from the vision... i'd maintain that tuning an to a scope enough times will just make you better at tuning with your ears only after a while...

actually, my first time using a scope when building video and audio circuits became so much more productive... i mean, i don;t really know HOW the visual feed back was actually helping in the technical sense, wasn't making specific measurements, just keeping it running, but component selection, tweaking, and problem solving just became more intuitive and successful in the end.

what would an RTA ideally show do you think?

i made one which can show multiple sound input waveforms in reference to a fundamental frequency... nice for showing sounds and sound relationships that you can't actually hear but might be there.

maybe if it was, like, 8 channels and each waveform could be viewed all at the same time or solo'd or stacked and mixed with different colours for each. or something