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Originally Posted by PhilE
So the hardest thing for me is probablly still making the mix you are proud of and at the same time giving the client what they ask for!
Of course most people are fine, some are a joy but then there are those (usualy the little acts in my exp.) who think they know better... why do these people think they are paying us?

the way i've come to deal with this is to turn the music low, face the person, make solid eye contact, and say "tell me what you want to hear, and i'll figure out how to make it happen".

that generally works very well, probably because it honors their right to have things sound as they wish, while honoring the fact that i stand the best chance of making it happen if my methods aren't limited.

it's all about trust, in both directions. me trusting that what they're hearing in their head has merit, and can be realized in a good way, and them trusting me to get them where they want to go without feeling like they have to cling to the steering wheel.

i make it a challenge: to exceed everyone's expectations, including my own.

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