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Originally Posted by C.Lambrechts
I'm allowing little to none '3rd party involvement' these days. It doesn't work. There's 2 people I can mix with while their present. A friend guitar player who's opinion on things seems to complement mine extremely well and a friend composer ... he just sits there and knods yes all the time.

I've let too many people ruin good mixes over the years (good being relative of course since it represented my opinion of a good mix). I've gotten extremely hesitant allowing them in during the work process.

Never a truer word! There are things out there with my name on that I detest and always have since the people who paid sat there and mixed it 'with' me just the worst calls in the world and all your energy and focus goes into trying to not do what they are asking for cos you KNOW it's going to suck!

So the hardest thing for me is probablly still making the mix you are proud of and at the same time giving the client what they ask for!
Of course most people are fine, some are a joy but then there are those (usualy the little acts in my exp.) who think they know better... why do these people think they are paying us?