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Originally Posted by T_R_S
And someone who wants me to mix 10 songs in one day and still have it sound like I mixed 10 songs in 10 days!

hee hee ; ) word, nerd.

Or tracking something REALLY well (because you were hired to at your BETTER EQUIPPED room) and someone else taking it back to their untreated bowling alley closet control room, mixing it (with a chainsaw and ear plugs), and then releasing it with your name on the credits. Ouch!

It's one thing for me to butcher my own recordings or productions with a tortured mix, but when you track a really talented act really well and then get the final cd back from the "producer/mixer" and it sounds like you did it on a 4 track cassette with shooting range headphones on- yowza.

But seriously, maintaining the initial emotion after all the ones and zeros start flying on dense mix, that takes such a less focused kind of focus, kno' 'at I mean? Also, knowing what to simply MUTE and when.