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Yeah im sure that when dealing with outboard this could be a disaster , impedances as well as latency/phase problems.

I did however try this in a DAW with a tune i was mastering and with very good results to my ear.

Its very interesting to try , just make sure you make a null test within the DAW first

I have used this in a mix before but i just recently started trying this on a finished mix and i was quite happy to find out that i could raise the RMS by 3 db in the intended sections without resorting to any downward compression at all.

If anyones interested then here are my settings.

Uncompressed track on one channel.

Copy on the next channel , route to seperate bus , compressor on the bus.
Next thing is checking the phase by setting the compressor to 1:1 and makeupgain to zero and flip the phase to do a null test .

When satisfied with the null test then take the threshold down to -50 db...yeah im serious

Ratio somewhere between 2:1 /3:1.

Makeupgain ca 15 to 20 dB..

what happens is that the compressed track kicks in on the softer sections (as thereĀ“s less compressions) and adds to the original effectively raising the RMS .

Then its the simple matter of raising or lowering the volume on the compressed track to control the gain in the softer sections.

Very smooth !