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Re: Re: Paralell Compression

Originally posted by Dailydb
a blend control might come in handy on our next compressor ?.

Another variant I've been thinking around is 'summed' sidechains, so that you blend sevral sets of control settings to work on your signal. For our units a low-ratio low-threshold overall mix setting is common, but you may well wish to add higher ratio or limiting cutting in higher up. Or, you get to play with the sidechains of each independantly. Theres no need to pass a signal repeatedly through different units and yet more VCA's to achieve this...and it would seem espescially useful in our dual/stereo units where the RH controls are currently redundant if working in Stereo.

All cool ideas.

The "blend" control seems really straightforward and useful--it's kind of surprising it's not out there yet. I guess the same effect is already available throught mults, but having it all in one box, on an insert, would be damn convenient.