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The classics are telephone limited kik and vocals.
under 400 and over 4k, goodbye!! squash the rest and add it with the original tracks. I remember something about listening at really minutely low volumes and making precise fader rides on both channels then listening to the last automation pass really loud on the big boys to check it out.
Good luck. I remember assistng an engineer from japan that parallel processed everything, I haven't ever figured out if he really wanted to do it like that or if he just didn't know how to ask for the tape out patch.
With vocals it can work like an exciter, you can hook up a ducker keyed by the original track to control presence in low volume moments without having to squash the lead track too much.
There are many other fun tricks you can do. I believe for parallel processing as well as de-essing, that it's better to record tracks well in the first place and rely on the short wire good mix theory. Of course good performances help.