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hardest thing

Every once in a while there's a mix that I have spent 3 hours on and hated my results. Where I say f u ck this, pull the faders down and start from the drums all over again.

This is the hardest thing. Working through that stage to a point where things/ideas begin to click. (Almost like writer's block, or that Pain u get the first 2 weeks of a workout when u havent worked out in years)

Makes u wanna pull out all your hair and say "I quit I am not an engineer" Fortunately, the faders come up and ideas do eventually get to flowing.

I notice I used to reach that point more on my mix system than HD. I dont know if its a sound quality difference, or the fact that I now have more DSP so I dont have to resort to rtas plugs and my screen redraws sloooooowing down. Mixing is alot like shooting pool. If you have basic skills, It's not tooo hard to be good, but It takes practice to be great