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Okay, I'm getting what your query is. Regarding splaying walls (and ceilings) read this thread and this thread. Page 281-283 in MHoA 4th edition discuss it also. I think that is the edition you have.

As an example of a similar layout, but smaller, have a look at this thread. When I first saw it, I thought it was your project!

Having the build out dimensions for the walls is great.

Originally Posted by Graematter
Anyway, I agree with the others that if you're serious about this, I'd employ the services of a professional designer - you'll likely learn a lot more that way than by doing it (and possibly messing it up) yourself!
He is beyond the dangerous phase he has studied acoustics in the past and has learned a lot in the last few months. He knows much, and more importantly, knows what he doesn't know and where to get that information.

The biggest bit of acoustics knowledge that he has gained is "good studio building is 90% design and 10% construction."

I really should find a synonym for "this thread",