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Old 20th June 2005
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thanks angelo, sould like we a re in the same boat -- I too don't have any experience with the known "good" harmonizers, so I'm concerned that I won't have a decent reference point by which to measure the M3000 as a harmonizer.

Given my inexperience with this particular effect, I'm sure that my initial attemtps with the m30000 will less than stellar. My problem will be knowing whether its because I'm doing it "wrong" (and should therefore keep experimenting with different m3000 settings) or whether its becasue I'm using the wrong tool for the job (and should therefore try a different effects unit).

That's why I was wondering whether anyone had any decent results with the M3000 as a harmonizer, so I could determine whether my anicipated problems lie just with me, or with the M3000 as well