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Thanks for stopping in. Good to hear your input again.

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Well, the primary reason for splayed control room walls given your layout constraints is as much about practicality as it is acoustics - it's the only way to create both a reflection-free zone in the control room (essential for monitoring) as well as good sight-lines through to the studio proper (helpful for producer/engineer-musician communication.)
That is exactly what I'm trying to accomplish! An RFZ and a line of sight. I should explain more that the portion of the CR wall furthest back in the room that remains straight, would be moved to the left (shrinking the bathroom/closet combo) to make up for the lost volume of angling the front part of the wall inward. ie: Angle the front part of the wall, move the back of it to the left. Or, keep the front part straight and the back part stays where it was originally. My pic may not be revealing of that thinking. Either way, that is the reason I am stuck, because if I angle the front of the wall a lot, the back of the wall (and the center line of the CR, to keep everything symetrical) will have to move a lot to the left. If I angle it a smaller amount, it doesnt' have to move as far. I won't know how big the bathroom can be (not that it matters) until I know what the angles of the CR have to be. Follow me? I just can't design anything else until I know what to do with that wall.