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TC M3000 as a harmonizer?

Hi all

I'm looking to try out a harmonizer effect on vocals. I'm soon going to have access to a TC M3000 and was wondering if any of you had ever tried using its Detune effect as a harmonizer (you know, like the old AMS DMX 15-180 s, slightly pitchshifting a left-panned and delayed signal up, slightly pitchshifting a right-panned and delayed signal down).

From my searches here, I know that Jules uses a TC M3000 and that a number of you seem to have extenisve experience with the this unit and/or harmonizers in general, so I thought some of you might be able to give me so info on this topic.

From the manual, it seems like this effect could be achieved using them3000's Detune, so I was wondering if anyone had tried it and, if so, how were the results? How would it compare to an AMS DMX or any of the Eventide Harmonizers (none of which I have had the chance to use)?