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Hello, I just found this q&a and I'm really thankful for it. I've already applied some of what I've learned reading your posts.
I had a teacher in audio school who used to teach us acoustics... the only class I enjoyed( I never went to the others, and in fact they had to mail me my diploma because I didn't care for one), not because it's tech aspect but because it opened a door to how I now see life and sound.
I'm a visual artist as well and I've been using golden ratios in my music for a while and there are so many ways to apply it to making and mixing music... anywhere from levels and equing to harmony, rhythm and arrangement, as you know the golden ratio is not specific to the visual realm, it actually seems to run how the universe works at least in a large part so it's easy to see and apply in just about anything... (I can't help to wonder if that's partly why people like Eddy Schreyer have asked me if I mixed on an ssl and what speakers I used, you don't even want to know what I used to record and mix our album, now going into the 2nd album with Nacional/Warner)

but I'm scratching my head with the rule of thirds, it doesn't seem so obvious to me in sound as the golden ratio. at the moment for me is just an inspiring idea( that's powerful in itself), and though I can go for it in a mix, I can't do it with the confidence I'd have when using golden ratios. would you please care to give us a hint as to where the rule of thirds would be practically applied.
I understand you not wanting to go into too much detail, but I and I'm sure many people here would aprettiate a small light... feel free to p.m. me if you can and have the time.

by the way I hope my music ends up on your mixing board one day , you never know...

R. Nova