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I was always aware of the evils of DBX NR and its shortcomings with level tracking so one day I tried the MSR24 (dbx) without it, oh man..... hiss city, not really usable in my opinion, I tried turning it off for the first 8 tracks (where the drums were)........still didn't dig it at all. The narrow format really needed the NR.

So there you are with a narrow format that really needs NR and NR works least well on narrow formats. So what to do. Well you just get on with it and make Cd's. And as crazy as it seems, the best CD I made on it, I was slamming it with NR on.

The thing I noticed the most was that basses (anything low) always came back off tape with more bass , so was it warm or was it mushy, was it analog! or just simply flabby DBX . either way I got round it and never let it stop me. but there was no hiss, it was always really quiet, and I liked that.