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Originally Posted by RichT
This is what's wrong with music today.

Can bands nowadays only write 3 good songs, ever???
I'm not comparing Elvis to bands today, but Elvis didn't write ANY of his songs (or if he did, it was VERY,VERY few).

You and I know damn well that ONE SONG can make ANY artist's career, and I'm talking about any era. Look at that "Get The Knack" record -- I really love it, but as far as the general public (and record sales, and career visibility) is concerned, "My Sharona" IS that album.

Ozzy jokes that Black Sabbath was required by the label to have 8 songs for a record and "that's all we ever came up with."

Country music production by and large has ALWAYS relied on outside songwriters and session musicians, letting the artist shine (hopefully!) as a vocalist and entertainer.

In fact, if anything, I would like to see more of these super-young artists rely on outside writing and collaboration instead of using their position of power (as artist -- i.e.: "I refuse to sing a song I'm not credited as a writer on!") to abuse the situation. But then, a lot of the pop market is built on the music being BY MORONS FOR MORONS -- the market is short-attention-span teenagers raised on reality T.V., so the artist/writers can use their limited vocabularies to repel me all they want while perhaps enhancing their appeal to the intended audience by "keeping it real" and speaking the language of their peers.