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Originally posted by loudist
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I would think that a Vipre should avoid distorted sibilance at the source.
Michael W, Can you weigh in on this?
Sure. The VIPRE is a very helpful tool in the sibilance department. I haven't tried to mess around with the impedance to get rid of sibilance, because I always set the impedance so the mic has the best sound. But the rise time function helps to reduce sibilance in a natural sounding way, when set to the slower settings. It does not get rid of it completely, rather tames it a bit. If it's still too much trying another mic would probably be my next choice. I have used the VIPRE during mixing to "warm" (there is that word again) up vocals and it works great.

Today I got some great results with the FATSO/HEDD combination to get rid of some sibilance on a recorded track.