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It's a cool idea, but it will only work if you are going for a very special effect. I do love some old records when voices and some instruments were panned all to one side, and the drums and backing tracks all the way to the other.

I read somewhere that the logical reason for mixing bass and kick all the way up the center is that, on playback, the low end response of two stereo speakers will couple together better. You'll get more thump and low end with it up the middle. Think about it, a speaker cabinet with dual woofers will always sound bassier than a similar cabinet with only one. Your monitors or playback system, if positioned is a somewhat optimal stereo image, produce the same coupling effect (albeit with a few feet of air in between). When you pan a bass instrument hard to one side, you are asking one woofer to do all the work and you don't get that same coupling effect.

Forgive me if I didn't explain this technically enough, but that is the idea.



p.s. Here's an idea: What about panning one kick drum all the way to one side and a kick drum sample all the way to the other? Try to match the levels, tuning, and decay times, but choose sounds with different textures and overtones. I've never tried it, but it might sound cool. Similar to playing a guitar pass through two amps and panning hard L-R.