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PS... I hope y'all paid attention to what I was saying about tape saturation and Dolby or DBX noise reduction being a 'dangerous' combination with regard to dynamic tracking accuracy (which can and will effect frequency response, phase coherency, and other aspects of your signal). I don't know if the current generation of NR-enabled tape machines like the aforementioned TASCAM 24 track 1" have individual controls for NR on each channel (I suspect it's unlikely) but back in my day, we used to turn NR off on key channels like drums and bass to avoid 'crashing' the encoders from s***** transients as well as to allow us to run those tracks hotter and get the 'nice' tape saturation so exalted today. (Of course, the only machines where we ran NR were 'prosumer' decks like the 16 track 1" Tascam I initially learned on.)
There is a big difference between Dolby and DBX. DBX definately messes with dynamics. I have had much better luck with Dolby.

The MXR24s, which I have, has Dolby S, which they claim is derived from SR. Can't say, I never owned an SR system. But it does work nicely. No tracking or dynamic problems in my experience. What you don't want to do with this machine is slam the tape, though I suppose you could run without the noise reduction and try it. b.t.w. it has three switches for the Dolby, 1-8, 9-16, and 17-24. Also track 24 has a sync switch that disables the Dolby.

Many years ago I did have a Scully 2" 16 track machine. It had no noise reduction. A bit of hiss but it did sound very nice. The Tascam has proven much more reliable, though.