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Old 17th September 2008
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spdif problem with Apogee AD8000se

hi I recently bought an apogee ad8000se converter and I have a problem. I have connected a cd player to the spdif input. i have set the sync source and the source select to spdif. it is also set in source mode. when i press the digital in and choose the channels for digital all the digital indicators under every channel does light up except for channel 1. is this normal? I can connect (3,4)_(5,6) (7,8) pair analog out and they all work , but when connecting (1,2)pair analog out channel 1 (that do not show the digital led) is not working but only distorting a low level. what is wrong? I want to use the ad8000se as both the DA for my mix system and DA for my digi002 system connected with spdif. thanks