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If you are talking about books on musical physics and psychoacoustics there are several that really deserve mention-
Harry Olson's (the RCA audio guru) book "Music Physics and Engineering"
Benade's book on Musical Acoustics
Handel- "Listening" A long but fascinating read
Many of John Eargle's books provide great intro material on psychoacoustics
and musical physics
Daniel Livitin- "This Is Your Brain On Music" A great read
Music, the Brain and Ecstacy (can't remember the author, sorry)- another
great read
Bob Katz-"Mastering Audio" An absolute must read IMHO-not really about
psychoacoustics or musical physics but touches many aspects of music and
engineering in a way no one else has done.

I know I'm missing some important ones here but these are some I have really enjoyed and learned lots from over the years.