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Dear Dave,

as i was in High School, back in 2001, i wrote a small essay on the Golden Section, i was surprised to find out how this magical number seemed to be a constant for beauty... When I think of Golden Section in music, Bartok comes to mind, since he used this proportion consciously in his music... i always use some kind of golden proportions in the structure of my songs, and i also noticed how in pop music (especially in the 90's) a key change at the end of the song always happens at a point which coincides approximatively with the "golden point" (i don't know how it's called ) of the whole song, giving something new and surprising to the ear. The typical structure would be: Intro - Verse - Chorus - Verse - Chorus - Bridge - (Change of key) Chorus - Chorus - Outro, with more or less significant changes from song to song... what do you think about it? does the structure of a song affect the way you approach a mix? do you feel more "excited" when mixing a song with a key/instrumentation change?

As for Golden Section in mixing, i probably think more about it in terms of stereo field, as if the stereo field was a golden rectangle, and to pan things, instead of far left/right and middle, they sound better when panned a little bit on the left/right, in a golden proportion... it naturally depends on the situation, but i always felt that extreme panning sounds too far out and separate (well that could be what i am aiming for sometimes :P), what are your toughts on that?

i'm sorry for the mistakes, english is not my mother language

greetings and thanks for your inspiring presence in the forum,

Fabiano Pianetti