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Originally posted by davemc
What I always wanted is a combination of a colored/or non colored summing box and daw fader pack....
I may have some interesting notes on this soon!

I have a box here that my friend built with some design ideas/tips from Dan Kennedy of Great River. It's a passive design that sums 8 or 16 signals and outputs a mic level signal, which you then feed into your preamp of choice for makeup gain! Very simple design and controls.

My plan is to run some tests - Digi bounce, sum through my Studer board (which is how I do everything currently), and then run the same mix through this box and each of my preamps (API, Telefunken, Great River) and see what comes of it.

I finally have some server space so I should be able to post some files - but I probably don't have enough space for 24 bit. Actually, it's only 100 megs so I'm not even sure about 16 bit now that I think of it. Hmm.