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Old 15th September 2008
Lives for gear

2 things..

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Remind me to start or reply to a thread: THE BEST OUTBOARD GEAR UNDER $100, $200, and $300. There are tons of great gear out there that would fit into those categories.
so.. start it.. here in gearslutz i always receive replies like.. "there is nothing good in this price range".. and.. "keep the money, don't waste your time in those cheap things"

so it would be a great thing if someone with a lot of authority makes a list of cheap things that WORKS GREAT

the other thing is... what do you like of the avalon 737.. i've heard some preamp comparison and i never liked it.. to many highs that makes the transients to edgy.. and i've read everywhere the compressor is awful..

which are the applications where excels?