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I'll tell ya, what has really made my tape machine work is a good mixdown deck. I would think about a couple possibilities:

Sell the 1" and use that $$ and the $1500 to buy a really nice machine. Could be you're totally stoked with a nice 1/2" 8 track. Could be you can get a 2" like you want.

or, keep the 1" and buy a really good pair of A/D/A for the Masterlink. Then you have a really good 2 track machine for tracking or mixdown. Sometimes one generation of tape and one generation of fine digital is the perfect combo.

I really recommend AGAINST the RME converters. They are seriously flawed- they sound almost OK at 96 but at lower sampling rates they have very serious digital artifacts all through the audible spectrum. Real phasey sounding in the highs. Not good, at all.

But for $1500 you could get 2 very good channels of A/D/A. Or maybe just A/D for now. Lavry, Mytek, Benchmark, something like that. Maybe Apogee.