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Not exactly what you are looking for but definitely in a similar ball park is an excellent book that I would recommend: Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid: Douglas R. Hofstadter: Books

It relates the music of Bach (the baroque compser)

to the artwork of Escher (you know his artwork)

and the mathematics of Goedel (Goedel is probably the most influential mathematician of the 20th centuary, especially with his incompleteness theorem, as well as other areas like Goedel Numbering used in Analog to Digital conversion.)

It relates music, visual art and mathematics and shows that in may cases these experts in their fields are in fact saying the same thing in different ways, and it brings it all together as a comment on the possibility of creating an artificially intelligent machine.

It won the Pulitzer Prize.

Its not a light read.

The subtitle is "A metaphorical fugue on minds and machines in the spirit of Lewis Carroll"

'Every few decades an unknown author brings outa book of such depth, clarity, range, wit, beauty and originality that it is recognized at once as a major literary event. This is such a work' - Martin Gardner, Scientific American