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Heys Guys, I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you guys. Thanks again for the love and respect you show me. I will hang around here as long as you guys keep asking questions, and Jules has the patience. I have avoided questions about the rule of thirds for now. Please go to Google and type in "rule of thirds" and check out all the paintings and photos that are given as examples. Please formulate your own application of this idea to mixing. Also let's expand the discussion with the "golden rectangle". Google that also. When we finally get to the discussion I would like everyone to expand on this concept. I really feel that the application of classic visual techniques are greatly under utilized in mixing and music.

Also, I would like to get some discussions going on the physics of music, as well as the psycho-acoustic applications that you guys are using. Please share with us any excellent books you have run across.

Please think of any questions that can give you shortcuts to this career of ours. There is no need to reinvent the wheel (other than it is just fun) if I can share some things with you.

Thanks again,