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Hi No SSL. I love the Impulse Responses and feel comfortable substituting them for the real thing. The real thing is digital also. I like all your other substitutions also. Great work. Remind me to start or reply to a thread: THE BEST OUTBOARD GEAR UNDER $100, $200, and $300. There are tons of great gear out there that would fit into those categories.

THRILLFACTOR, I agree, great post! Guys, re-read this post, he is dead on. One thought TF, instead of the substitution logic, people should try to use plugins as plugins. I know you are saying this, but I want to expand on this. Think of the best piano synthesizer. Sometimes it just works better than a real one. Think about the Rhodes, or Wurlitzer pianos. Sometimes they work better than a real piano. Then again sometimes they don't. The new waves plugins like the Fairchild, or Pultec by JJPuig are amazing! Is this thought clear?

DJUI5, me too, I also love the 3000.

THRILL, I have made Impulse Responses of all my verbs, and they are quite amazing.

KESTRAL, that is cool, didn't know that. I LOVE the 2290.

e-cue, sounds like you love it too. (we know each other, right?)

LUMEN, I use the Lavry gold one. I'm not too picky with converters. I'm off the opinion that the clock is just as important. I also still print alot of mixes to 1" 2track.

I hope some of these new answers help shed some light on this subject. As always I reserve the right to have different opinions on different days!