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I have been playing around with surround for a little while now. I have been recording classical sessions in surround for about a couple of years, though none of these mixes have been used for releases.

I also have been recording live sound for DVD. This has been mostly jazz. I love that "in the room" experience particularly with concert recordings for DVD. Like most of you here I am not convinced that for rock records it really is the thing, but I could see possibilities for certain releases. With movies I think it has made such a difference to the whole cinema experience.

Next month I have a session recording a comedian for a DVD release. He has a band so I am looking forward to doing this in surround. It is a pity that the format wars are still on, with the exception of DVD video it is difficult to know how to deliver product to the public. For my own demo's I have burnt the audio as a AC3 file to a DVD video and just added a couple of slides to picture.