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Old 1st March 2003
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im kinda up in the air right now... i am selling my car so all i have left to drive [besides my wifes suv] is my toyota truck... and im seriously contemplating running seperates up front [already installed] and midbass drivers in the rear, iow losing the rear surround. im putting a 10" sub in the back compartment for the jack/storage in a fiberglassed enclosure. i do have a double din slot for the headunit so i could easily put a LCD in there but no double din units come with a DVD player... but i can get the single DIN flip out screen and a single DIN dvd player from ALPINE which would take up both spaces... hmm, shoud i go surround? im thinking of the ALPINE digital time alignment piece as well, its makes everything sound so freaking tight in the truck i heard that alpine did.\

ahhh.. planning a car audio system. probably more fun than designing any other system. its where i listen to ALL my music.