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Old 18th June 2005
Bret Averill with 1122 OP amp

I will have the opportunity to have this unit in my studio for about one month. The problem is I don't want to part with it just by having it for two days (so far). My initial observations comparing it with the Langevin and Protico are as follows.

Adverill pre: Very clean, very nice top end, netural sounding and touch of smoothness to it. (Jenson amp). Smoother than the Langevin . A great all around pre. Very nice pre that adds a gentle smoothness to any signal without adding too much color. Great customer support btw, I talked to the guys for 15 min. about the pre and how they came up with it. I was told it is basically the same design as the original API with some updated parts that give better noise floor, etc.

Langevin: Lacked the top end that the Adverill has. This pre has a little more low end though. Not as smooth as the Adverill. In adding the Langevin EQ of 12K by 2 db, it helped the top end get back some of that nice top end.

Portico: Fuller and bigger sound compared to the other pre's.

Has anyone compared the Averill with a real API?