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Originally Posted by Recording David
This is the first thread I have EVER read that doesn't trash RME's converters. I have a selection of converters including an ADI-8 AE - I use the RME for DA alone (just monitoring actually) and I think it's a great sound.
That's 'cause I didn't see it yet!

Apogee is WORLDS better than RME, and there are converters worlds better than Apogee. About the time you get to the really, really, really good stuff well beyond Apogee, it starts to really rival tape.

Apogee is a LOT better for rock&roll, and tape is a LOT LOT LOT better for rock&roll than Apogee.

What do you want with this digital stuff? Recording rock&roll onto analog tape is a match made in heaven. It's magic. You will be disappointed with anything but the very finest digital, and while that's great for some music, for rock&roll TAPE IS THE THING.

I wouldn't mess with it.