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so the 500NV doesn't have PATCH insert capability?
That is one of the features of the VSI L-21 (a fully compatible mic pre) for the 500 series. I use it sometimes with an API 550b.

Problem is that the current lunchboxes/racks are not set up for inserts. For this reason, VSI started building their own lunchboxes and will make a 10 space rack at some point as well.

The VSI lunchbox has inserts on 1/4" TRS cables and also features stereo link (for the VSI compressor). The only problem is that our lunchbox then is non-standard and will most likely never be in the VPR alliance. Ok, that and the VSI lunchbox has an additional (non-standard) 300v power rail for (VSI) tube gear that while works fine with my API 550b's and 512c's (and will work fine with my Eisen's should I ever finish them), who knows if another manufacturer went 'outside the standard' and used that pin for something else. For that reason, many will not like the VSI lunchboxes and racks.

The current designs for the VSI 10 space rack has an optional one space panel that will have the inserts, links, and a 300v defeat switch for each slot.
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