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Old 17th June 2005
Here for the gear

bad vendor, bad!

Bought a pedal from them, first received an email saying US Mail, 3-4 days. This was the 9th - got it today, the 17th. Whatever. Little things, but...

It arrived with both tubes shattered to pieces. I give them a call, and the guy tells me it's not their responsibility - I need to send it to the manufacturer on my own penny to get it fixed.

I call the manufacturer, of course they're shocked...but obviously they can't do much but whatever they would under warranty.

So if I buy a refridgerator from Sears and it arrives in my kitchen broken - according to, I should box it up myself, carry it downstairs, bring it to fedEx, send it to Frigidaire for $500, and wait for a new one????

Appalling. Buyer Beware.