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Originally Posted by Bob Ross
I couldn't help noticing that the original subject line was "What 3 things have changed the way you record or mix?" but it did not necessarily specify "FOR THE BETTER"

For me:

1) DAWs
2) DAWs
3) DAWs

The change from analog tape...hell, even from DAWs has made a more radical change to the way I mix & record than any other technique, piece of kit, or philosophy. And definitely *not* a change for the better!

But if I had to list 3 things that changed the way I record & mix in a POSITIVE way, they'd be:

1) the realization that Magic is our greatest commodity when recording music
2) the realization that a Good Idea is infinitely more valuable than a Good Mic Preamp or a Good A/D, etc...
3) LSD
What he said!