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Old 17th June 2005
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Angry Help needed on Soundcraft 2400 meter bridge

Hi, the meter bridge of my soundcraft 2400 doesnt work in the right way, since a few days. They all flash in a strange way, like starting from the middle, and going down. These four "8-LED-bars" of each meter look like if they get too less current or something, cause only one of the four led-bars of each meter flashes in normal strength, and wich one of the four depends on the signal, where it has its maximum. Is the level up to -3 dB, only the third bar (from botton) shines bright, the others are much more darker.
This is on ALL meters, also the L/R meters. It makes no difference if I'm in spectrum-, groups- or slate-mode.
Then sometimes the meters switch completly of, or only glow very
low. But if they work, there is only ONE led-bar which shines bright, all others glow lower.
What could be the reason of this?
Is it possible that these Brown ICs I used in some of the channels are responsible for that, cause if they use more current, than the meters dont get enough? But the power supply is stable. Actually I changed the ones from the master back to original, and the problem is still there.
Actually the meters worked very well, after I changed these op amps,
a few weeks ago.
The problem causes, since I had a huge rock production on
the desk, with lots of high levels and some overload on the meters.
But this shouldnt be a problem for meters, to display overload?!
Please give some ideas. I also have changed the 4040 and 4069, which didnt make a difference. I dont know what to do now.