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It's not a "religious" thing, it's a science thing.

No amplifier, not even a "class A" amplifier work symmetrically [the top of the waveform is always different than the bottom], and the majority of the waveforms we record are asymmetrical [look at a vocal on an oscilloscope sometime]... so, ****'s going to sound different if you send it through a unit "upside down".

Now on an artistic level you might find you prefer the sound of sending something through an amplifier upside down... personally, I don't have the bandwidth for that level of minutia so I just try to keep things in my recording path the same polarity from start to finish... then if I want to flip the polarity for some kind of creative reason I at least know where I started.

BTW, the "polarity reverse" switch on most mic pre's comes after the input to the pre... in other words, you're reversing the polarity after it's gone through at least one amplifier upside down. The best way to change the polarity on the output of a microphone is with a polarity reverse cable.