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Originally posted by Jules
It was a HUGE hit in the UK, they exported the "honest" judge Simon Cowel to the US show (he was HATED in the UK, but it made good TV) I am certain someone rejected fron the US version is going to shoot him... He is soooooo rude!
From what I've seen of American Idol, it seems that Cowel is really playing on that cruel vibe, a lot more so than he did on the UK one anyway.....

I've been disgusted by it since the first "Hearsay" one and I have a particular reason for it.
I signed a deal with Polydor in '97 with Paul Adams who was one of the original judges on Popstars. There was one scene where Paul proceeded to shed tears because they all (the panel) rejected a young wannabe popstar (..a talentless ****wit, in other words). This really pissed me off because Paul had dropped my band in '99 and, apart from a decent cash settlement, all I got from him was a letter, no tears... This was 5 musicians dreams going down the pan (at the time) who had worked their asses off for their art, not to be throwaway idols.

In came around quite nicely 18 months ago though. I was at a gig of a band I'd been producing and there was an A&R/industry storm that had risen over them. So, to cut a long story short, Paul Adams turned up at the gig because he/Polydor was very interested in signing the band. Apart from me getting to have my say to his face, the band really took the piss out of him for the Popstars show and refused to take him seriously. Needless to say, the band went with a different major.....