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Originally Posted by sdevino
As long as you know what is what and maintain consistancy it does not matter.

A problem would be if you sent signals from 2 different Mic pres to the Otari where one was pin2 hot and the other pin 3.

As long as you maintian the same reference for all your signals it should not matter.

Technically, if your source wave is positive, you are printing an inverted signal to tape. It might not matter if you are not going anywhere with the tapes, but if you end up putting them up in an all pin 3 hi studio, [which actually do still exist] your polairty will be inverted. Plus, it might be an interesting experiment to see if you hear any difference if you polarity reverse the in and out of a particular channel so that the positive going wave hits the tape in the positive direction, and plays back positive relative to your pin 2 gear.

Some people can hear the difference in the polarity coming out of a set of speakers.

try it...