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1. With protools and stems, changes are a part of mixing now. I usually do all the changes people ask for. Sometimes the changes take more time than the mix. Just think that the more services you provide the more your clients are gonna always come to you. It does get on my nerves, but NOT mixing gets on my nerves even more. If I know I have a client that makes a lot of changes, I try to involve him in the mix process much sooner. I also might not finish every detail until we pull up the stems and do his changes. BTW we print every track as it's own stem, and print efx on their own stem.

2. Not really, because back then it you had changes, you had to pay for a recall. This is one instance where the technology has made it worse for us engineers.

3. Most guys at my level try to get $4k a mix. Some of the top in the box guys get 5-6k all in. (all in means the engineer is responsible for studio costs). On some indie and lower budget projects, the rate can go down to 2k. If I have a good client that needs a favor, i will mix for free. On average, I would say most of the time the top guys are getting between 3k-5k and would be happy to get any amout in that range. Nowadays flexibility is very necessary to keep your clients.

4. We are a service industry, just like a barber. Start your relationships with people before they become famous. Do cheap or free mixes for them. Help them any way you can. Also provide good services, like nice labels on CDs, helping them get gigs and placements, introduce your best clients to established artists, anything that helps your clients grow. Get people around your area talking about you. Give people the best hair cut they have ever had.