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It happens to everyone. As my career progressed and people became familiar with what I did, then it started happening less and less. Now it might happen one out of every 200 mixes. Once, I was working on an artist on A&M named Andy Vargas. He is one of the best vocalist I have ever worked with. There were 2 producers. One was a former artist I listed in my most influential records thread, so I was stoked! His partner had a producing partnership with an engineer who is amazing. So the entire 1st day this guy watches me like a hawk, saying why did you do that, I hate that, why did you eq this. Well after 12 hours of this I went to the producer I liked and politely said that it was me or the asswipe. I would not finish the record if he was involved. I called the label and they were 100% on my side. The cool producer said he felt he should stick by his guy, so the asshole got his engineer to do the record. You can't please everyone. People have different agendas. Some people think they want what I do, but when I do it for them it scares them. I always look at it like it is their project, their creativity, their life and career. I am like a guest in their creative house. I try my best to respect their house. It they just trust me a little, I can deliver a great product. VanGogh said "Never trust the time one is without difficulties"