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As far as I understand it ,coming from composition background,the catharsis of the process comes in a way that is dictated by our natural instincts.
the rule of third is based on our traditional understanding of time.That means also certain conception of dramatic process.The rule of thirds states that basically the catharsis of a process comes on the transversal of second and third third - which is exactly the point where we need to feel the breakpoint,in order to feel satisfacted with the drama.
Now what I understand by this in the audio/mixing world,is, that :
. just right as the song itself compositionally must have a line that goes from beginning,through complication to final catharsis,and then pacification, the mix has its own plan ,it has its own "scenario" that supports the concept of the composition.its very much like instrumentation in classical world,which supports directly the drama of the piece.
In other words,for me its another way to lead the song and support its drama and evolution,by having precise concept of dynamics scenario,effects scenario, and arrangement scenario.
now enough with that bull****.