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The TM-1 has a selectable fig-8, right? Bet it would be awesome on a choir or ensemble with a c617 doing M/S. Only problem is you'll eventually want to do AB stereo and you'll just have to get another and it won't be matched. You might consider something like an Earthworks qtc30mp and get a matched pair within your budget now... make great drum overheads too.

Actually, the TM-1 doesn't have figure-of-eight... it uses cardioid or omni. I have thought of just using it as my omni, but there are times (such as a few months ago with the mariachi band) where I wanted to use the TM-1 as the vocal mic, with a room mic/mics for the rest of the ensemble. I ended up using my km184's in xy for the ensemble... but think I'd like to try a different approach. Keeping my LDC's for vocal apps seems to me the most sensible idea, in case that need arises again.

Another question I have about all of this is if I were to get, say, a Royer r121 instead of the c617, it also wouldn't be matched if I ever wanted to get another one for stereo etc. Truly, how important is this..? My neumanns aren't matched, and me and a buddy did a test with both of them on the same source, with precisely the same location... the difference was there, but was so minimal that it's negligible (IMO). My room is quite small, too... only 11' x 18'. One omni would definitely pick up the whole room easily. But I see where you're coming from-- stereo is a nice option.

I'd be happy to use an omni in mono for a long time before I'd even think of another... a ribbon, I'd probably want to make into a stereo pair a lot sooner, given that it's figure-of-eight as opposed to omni.

*sigh* decisions decisions

*Maybe I should just wait and finance a pair of R-121's when I can afford to get a pair, just to have 2 of whatever I get. Seems like it's a nice option to have 2 kicking around.....