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For the apps you mention, an omni would be pretty good. Heard good things about the musicality of the c617. It would probably be great close mic'ing that upright.

The TM-1 has a selectable fig-8, right? Bet it would be awesome on a choir or ensemble with a c617 doing M/S. Only problem is you'll eventually want to do AB stereo and you'll just have to get another and it won't be matched. You might consider something like an Earthworks qtc30mp and get a matched pair within your budget now... make great drum overheads too.

I haven't tried the above mentioned, but have of my mic cabinet is made of ribbon mics. If I wanted to get another, if it isn't a Neumann, I'd get more ribbon mics. Either that or old school metal-cased dynamics.

Ribbons just do it for me. At that point it's just a matter of light/dark. Beyer m160's are my go-to for overhead use.

I bought a pair of EV 635a which are an omni-cardiod pattern of some kind. Cost me $35 bucks a piece off eBay. F'n great little workhorse mics for overheads, piano, and vocals et.