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Old 27th February 2003
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dont be paranoid about the fragility of a royer r121... i stick it right up on half stacks set to 11. i think about 2' out on kick. it might of been picking up something weird from the ride... who knows without being there and hearing it, but at 4' out... you are likely to be picking up a good deal of the set as well. you could 'tunnel' the mic to get mostly kick from it that far away, im betting putting a blanket on a mic stand so it ran across the path from the ride to the mic woulda changed that 'whistle' you heard as well. rides also have an unbelievable amount of constant vibrational energy when being played, it might of been something on the set that was 'humming' as well. hell, my ride rattles something that i have yet to find. its not the ride itself, i cant find it on the stand its on... nowhere except that its there.