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Old 27th February 2003
Weird r-121 experience question

I rented a 121 to try as a front of kit mic and I had it set up about 4 feet from the kit, about mid way between top of kick and bottom of tom and angled down. I had it running thru an API 312, running pretty hot I must say. When I listened to playback, I got a whistling sound when I was hitting my ride cymbal, almost like I was hitting some resonance. When I changed the postion of the mic, this dissapeared and it sounded more normal. What could possibly explain the whistling. Was it the ribbon streching or the position of the mic, the preamp, a combination of the two. I hope I didn't screw up the mic. It sounded great when I moved it, but I just wanted to make sure I didn't somehow alter the ribbon or ruin the mic in some way. This is obviously my first experience with a ribbon and I am paranoid about the fragility of the mic. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!